3Friends NFT

Introducing your first NFT

You might of noticed what those strange pictures on our website were about? Its your next NFT profile picture.

Oct 18, 2022

Welcome fellow Friends,

So you are probably wondering why we have NFTs, and in this post we will talk about them and why they are important.

Why this is important?

Generally most of the time NFTs are very difficult to get, especially if you are new to Web3. So, we at Masma wanted to change that for your first experience. Starting with your very own 3Friends NFT, and you can get them once you have been accepted into our Masma scholarship. (There is only 10,000 pieces so it is first-come first-serve.)

What is an NFT?

So you might ask what's so special about NFTs?
NFTs are like digital items which can provide authentication to a wide variety of things;

  • Access into a gated beta/event/show/program/concert

  • Proof of ownership of a digital collectible/deed/contract/receipt

  • A way of receiving rewards based on holding a specific NFT

  • and much more

Imagine NFTs as a form of digital proof of ownership which can be programed to allow/prove where/what you have the rights to based on a specific use case.

What is 3Friends?

3Friends serves as your first experience into NFTs & Masma, which is earned when you get an invite code and/or being a beta tester in Masma. It is our unique collection and is set to only 10,000 pieces. Some highlights are as follows:

  • Can be sold on secondary markets.

  • Used to test out Masma beta.

  • Will be your social media profile picture inside Masma.

  • Paper hands tax at 25% when sold under the price you bought for.

  • Paper hands tax used to fund exciting events for 3Friends holders.

  • Made on the Ethereum blockchain.

The 3Friends NFT will have ways for you to level up and receive prizes/unlocks at each stage. There is one grand prize at the end which I will share shortly.

Don't worry, our 3Friends NFT is free.

3Gods NFT

3Gods is our limited edition NFT collection, which is only set to 2,500 pieces. Since our whole company is based on Web3 utility, we thought it would be very fitting to provide the best utility (aka benefits) to our 3Gods NFT holder, which are as follows;

  • 30% of the Royalties earned from Secondary Sales to be redistributed to 3God Holders.

  • 2.5% of the revenue from Masma Marketplaces will be redistributed to 3God NFT holders every month.

  • 1.5% of the revenue from Masma Exchanges will be redistributed to 3God NFT holders every month.

  • Free access to all services within the Masma.

  • Free access to all our future events, investor calls, beta programs, and more to be decided.

How to get a 3Gods NFT

So your probably seeing now the value/utility of what an NFT can do, and how it can benefit you holding one yourself. Most NFTs on the market might confuse you on their value but we at 3Wallet follow one mission behind every product we make: Web3 Accessible to everyone.

Let's get into how to earn your own 3Gods NFT — you might think its super expensive right? That you basically own part of the revenue-share of our company. NOPE, we are giving it away FREE!!

Here is how you earn your 3Gods NFT;

  1. Sign up for the WAITLIST BETA and get a 3Friends NFT.

  2. Level up your 3Friends to level 5.

  3. Use your level 5 3Friends NFT to get a FREE 3Gods.


It's also first come first serve!
The first ones to level 5 can get them, so time is of the essence.
Furthermore, for those techy people, it will be on the Ethereum blockchain and you can only get 1 per account.

Good Luck!

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