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Building a Web3 world starts with re-learning

Oct 19, 2022

This is still in rough draft


This past few months I've spent thousands of hours researching Web3/ Blockchain/ Crypto/ NFTs and whatever shiny words that keep popping up to show that blockchain is the future, and I want to share with you the insights of my journey.

This journey of mine has led me to building Masma, and I hope one day it brings value to the world as a simple solution to using Web3 in our daily lives.

What's blockchain all about?

I'll start by breaking down "what is a blockchain" in simple terms, and start by saying that if you fall into the Web3/Blockchain rabbit hole you will spend over 100 hours learning what its all about, and get stumped brainstorming more, and more, and more. Lets save you the time, and just forget about the technology all together. It's meaningless if you approach it as just a technology, but that it is only just a tool. A tool for what you may ask? Now your asking the right questions.

5000 years ago the earliest civilization of people (Called Sumerians) created a "technology/tool" called the base 60 system — This was later used to invent and calculate time as they had no measure of 60 minutes previously. This was the first step in humanity and the later enabling the creation of kingdoms, land ownership, wages, and more based on writing on blocks which tracked our right to owning "something."

Later around 1494s Luca Pacioli enabled Globalization, because of 2 sets of books (the birth of accounting — a tool) — consisting of a debit and credit in each — allowing trade to occur far beyond the reach of a handshake, which was previously an issue with just writing on blocks which had issues on trust. You can start to see the trend between tools which reduce levels of trust based on a system, none of which the regular person knows well, but uses everyday.

Fast forward, hundreds of years later, a triple entry system was developed in 1989 by Yuji Ijiri, which enabled the change in balances in recognized events recorded in real-time and made publicly visibly without interference. Today we call that the blockchain — a tool which completely removes trust, automates our everyday-life tasks without the need of anyone, and links all the info we would ever need in one place, with no one else able to control our rights to that info but us — which has now invented many new things such as Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and much more.

You can now see that the blockchain is more about human evolution than it was ever just about technology, additionally terms such as Web3, Crypto, NFTs, are just the product of that. To get a better sense of this in action, check out our NFT blog page with what we are doing with our 3Friends/3Gods NFT Collection.

So, how does Masma envision the future?

We envision a world where everything is connected. We want to start by connecting the basics of Web3, which has a few key pillars — Personal finance, communication, social media, and investing.

Web3 is all about "interconnectedness," "economy of value," and "Ownership."

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